Laptop & PC Repair Services in Randburg
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Our Services

fixIT will personally FETCH your computer and diagnose it for R 490 within a 20KM radius, should you drop off your computer our diagnose fee is R 290 (please book a convenient time in advance). We then QUOTE you on fixing it, and will only start working on it once you give the go-ahead. We FIX your computer and then we DELIVER it back to you.

These Are Among The Services We Offer

Blue Screen Of Death Repair

Also known as BSoD, this error screen is displayed on a Windows computer system after a system crash (fatal system error). There are however different types of blue screen errors caused by various system and hardware problems. This is definitely the right time to give us a call and let us help you get back online!

Motherboard repairs

We specialise in Motherboard errors and diagnosing the exact cause of the problem. We do minor motherboard repairs and will be transparent with you on chances of success before we start any work on your motherboard.

Corporate solutions

Our corporate division are ready to help you with a vast range of services offered including: on-site support, networking, server requirements including maintenance, fibre solutions, cloud backups, office set ups and upgrades. Please give us a shout to discuss SLA and support solutions.

Windows Office Upgrades

We can assist with all Windows upgrades, like upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. We can also assist with downgrades. We are Microsoft resellers, contact us for pricing for Microsoft Office packages or guidance on choosing the right package for you. We resell all once off paid packages like Office 2016 and 2019 as well as Office 365 and their cloud based solutions with annual or monthly subscriptions

Virus Removal

We know from experience that you need to be protected when surfing the internet. No “Free Anti-Virus” program will give you the protection you need, in fact most of them comes with unwanted malware and slows down your computer without protecting you. Windows 10’s Defender offers better protection than any “free” products. We can guide you in making the right decision with an Anti-Virus program. We can also help you with malware and virus removal. If your computer is slow and you suspect there are viruses on, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Adware Removal

Adware is software that automatically downloads or displays advertisements such as pop-ups or banners, when a user comes online. Let us remove this software and prevent it from tracking you online.

Malware Removal

Malware is not a virus, but a software program made to destroy a running operating system. It can change registry settings and remove files, and may cause you to see ‘Fatal Error’ on your screen. fixIT can fix this and help you protect yourself against more malware.

Software Upgrade

This refers to any major replacement of existing software, with a newer or better version. The new version usually comes with significant modifications and improvements to the program. fixIT will gladly perform the necessary upgrades on your computer.

Hardware Upgrades

Certain hardware upgrades could extend the life of your computer. These include increasing your computer’s RAM, or random access memory, installing a newer hard drive, replacing the graphics card, replacing the central processing unit (CPU) or upgrading the monitor. Replacing your Hard Drive with an SSD (Solid State Drive), can boost the overall performance of your computer, they are more stable and around 30x faster than a normal Hard Drive. fixIT will assess your current computer and give you appropriate advice for optimal results, we will also be 100% transparent if it’s time to replace the computer.

RAM Upgrades

Random access memory (RAM) upgrades are useful when your computer is running slower and slower, and you’re getting impatient with the lag. Let fixIT upgrade your RAM for you.

Noisy Computer Repair

A noisy computer can be extremely distracting. The noise is usually due to the processor getting hot, and the fan not being able to deliver sufficient air flow to keep it cool. Dust could be blocking the cooler. Let fixIT investigate and restore the ‘sounds of silence’!

How To Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

By using some clever (and usually logical) tips, you can extend your laptop’s battery life. fixIT knows all the tips and tricks in this regard, and we’re happy to educate you, thereby getting the most out of your laptop.

Minor Damage Repairs

If your computer has suffered some physical damage, don’t assume that it’s irreparable. First talk to fixIT in case we can replace or restore your computer to its former glory.

Hosting And Email Set Up

Want to set up your email address on your new computer? Call the experts. We’ll have it done in a flash.

Windows Office Error Fixes

Do you know your 80070020 from your 80072efe error codes? Don’t stress. Leave the diagnostics up to fixIT!

Licensing Software

A software licence is a legally binding agreement that specifies an application’s terms of use, and spells out the rights of the software producer and the end user of that software. All software should be legally licensed before it is installed. Want to confirm that everything on your computer is legal? fixIT will check for you, and give you all the feedback you need.

Data Backup

Backup is when you copy files or databases in order that they are preserved in the event of any equipment failure or of some natural and unforeseen disaster. Think ahead: let fixIT advise you of adequate data backup options to suit your needs.

Cloud Backup

When you store your precious data in a cloud, this means that you are storing your data offsite, i.e. away from your premises. Cloud backup is also called online backup. fixIT can recommend fail proof cloud storage options for you.

Spyware Removal

Spyware is software that allows a user to obtain covert information about another person’s computer activities without that person’s knowledge or permission. It is usually hidden, and gathers information about your passwords. Get rid of this invasion of your privacy today. Call fixIT.

Overheating PC Problems

Let fixIT troubleshoot why your computer is overheating, get to the root of the problem and turn your PC into the cool, calm and connected work horse it used to be.

Slow Computer Troubleshooting And Repair

There are many reasons why your computer is running slowly. This includes the processor overheating, poor RAM performance, hard disk issues, BIOS settings and runaway processes among others. Leave your slow computer to fixIT, your experts on call!

Computer Shutting Down By Itself

This could well be due to an overheating issue. Something could be blocking the ventilation, and fixIT will open your laptop or desktop and investigate.

Computer Purchasing Advice

Need to know what size memory will suit your office needs, or what graphics driver is best for your application? Let fixIT advise you on your next computer purchase. We treat you like family, and give you the most appropriate advice to suit your computing requirements.

Advice On How To Keep Your Computer Virus-free

Nobody needs to have their information mined, or online bank accounts hacked. fixIT will suggest credible anti-virus software that will give you adequate protections over the long term.

SDD upgrades

We can assist you to upgrade your Hard Drive to a Solid State Hard Drive. SSD’s are more reliable, faster and have much better longevity than a normal Hard Drive. By running your operating system on an SSD will increase your overall speed of your computer as well as extend the life of your computer.

Website Design

For the latest trends in websites, including appropriate, Google-friendly web content, chat to fixIT. We offer superior website solutions to meet your business needs, and deliver creative solutions that are not only eye-catching but also meet your online business objectives.

Data transfer and PC set up

We can assist you to set up your new computer and transfer all your data from your old computer, this also includes program and email sync.

Outlook sync and problems

We can assist with all Outlook problems and errors. We can assist with syncing email data from your old computer on your new machine.

Additional network points

We can assist you with networking in your office via WIFI or LAN connections.


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fixIT fixes and repairs computers/laptops in the North Rand (Sunninghill, Fourways, Sandton), the West Rand, Johannesburg central and surrounds, Gauteng